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Team News.

Team News

1 month ago @ 7:36PM

Tryout Info & Practice Schedule - Patriot XC 2021-22

****In order to participate in team practices and tryouts, you must have the documents listed below on file with the Patriot Athletic office****

The times and locations for tryouts/practices are listed below (current as of 7/26):

  • Monday - 8am @ Valley View Park (address)
  • Tuesday - 8am @ Brownsville Picnic Area (Groveton Rd. address)
  • Wednesday - 8am @ Patriot track
  • Thursday - 8am @ Brownsville Picnic Area (Groveton Rd. - address)
  • Friday - 8am @ Patriot track
  • Saturday - 8am @ Bulloch Dr. Wendy's (Manassas - address)

Athletes should bring proper running shoes and clothing, plenty of water, and a recovery drink or snack for immediately after practice.

Tryouts/In-Season Practices (before 8/16) - Cross Country tryouts will be held August 2-6, 2021 (times and locations same as above). After this, practices will be held at the same times/locations until 8/16.

In-Season Practices (after 8/16) - starting Monday, August 16th, we will practice at 2:30pm during the week (same locations). This schedule will remain in place through the rest of the cross country season. Non-competition Saturdays will still be held 8:00am at the Wendy's.

Documentation - you MUST have the following documents on file BEFORE you can try out/practice:

  • Sports Physical - all athletes must have a current sports physical on file (dated after May 1, 2021)
  • Concussion Training - All athletes trying out for Cross Country must complete the PWCS Concussion Training (online) at the following link before tryouts - link here
  • Eligibility Form - all athletes must fill out the white-yellow carbon copy form before you can practice/tryout; there are two ways to get this form:
    • At practice - coaches will have copies, fill out and return straight away
    • The Running Store - copies available at the store, just ask for a Patriot XC eligibility form. (7343 Atlas Walk Way, Gainesville VA 20155)

Covid Screening Form (Online) - all athletes must fill out the following Google Form before coming to practice each day; a QR code will be posted at practice to access the link if you forget to do so prior to arriving. (Form is also linked in Team Links)

Blue Emergency Card - all athletes should fill out and turn in the blue Emergency Card as soon as possible (found in Team Files)

Remind Group - Please join the Patriot XC 2021 Remind group (using the Remind app)

  • class code - @8bkh46b

Team News

2 weeks ago @ 1:04PM

XC Training/"Tryouts" (Week 8/2 - 8/8)

This week's workout schedule (password protected - check emails for password)

Patriot Training August 2nd-8th.docx 

Team News

1 month ago @ 7:36PM

Preseason Training (Week 7/5 - 7/11)

We have a few weeks come Monday, July 5th to the first day of cross country and then shortly thereafter our first meet. That gives us more time to train so we can have a great season. The more time you put into this sport the better you will be. With endurance sports you have to train to succeed. In the cold, the snow, the humidity and the heat, you have to put the work in. You have to accept no excuses. How good do you want to be?

The week of July 4th (July 5th-11th) is a dead period for Virginia high school sports. We can’t hold organized practices but it is important to get started on your fitness journey. We will start meeting July 12th at 8am at Patriot H.S. at the track.

The goal for summer running is not to lose what you gained in track and to increase your fitness or to get kids in shape who didn’t do a spring sport. When done properly runners who train hard over the summer can make a big leap in cross country.

A few things to remember:

Safety – Avoid high traffic areas. Run early to avoid the heat. Let people know where you are running and how long. Run with someone whenever possible. Don’t wear headphones.

Clothing – Visible clothing and breathable clothing works best. Avoid cotton.

Altering workouts is always OK – Something is ALWAYS better than nothing. If you have to shorten or switch workouts that is infinitely better than doing nothing.

Take care of yourself – You need to maintain a healthy balance to ensure your physical and emotional health all year long.

  • Hydrate and eat properly – very important to drink a lot of water. Eat lots of vit. C rich foods and pay attention to iron intake.
  • Sleep enough – More sleep = better academic success, less chance of injury and you will adapt to the training. You are also much less likely to get sick. This all equals a happier, healthier and faster runner. 9 hours.
  • Wash your hands often and do not share water bottles.
  • Recovery snacks – protein immediately after workouts. Chocolate milk, Boost, Builder Bars, Whey protein shakes, bagel and peanut butter, egg sandwich, etc.

Practice with the team – Much easier to do workouts and more fun with teammates.

DO THE LITTLE THINGS – Running is what will make you better. Do the running AND the little things will make you great! Activation, dynamic, jump roping, hurdle drills, circuits, weights, strides, stretches, foam rolling, core, eating right and lots of sleep will make you a complete runner.

Pace – Just get in the effort. Heat and humidity can make your run slow. Effort is what matters. In the summer we will work on getting our mileage higher. We are just getting in the work so we can have a great season ahead.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start in order to be great.


Week One: July 5-12th (daily average in parentheses; some days will be shorter, some longer)   

  • 35 miles for “A” Boys and 30-32 for “A” girls (45 min of running)
  • 30-32 miles for “B” Boys and 27-30 for “B” girls (40 min of running)
  • 25-27 miles for “C” Boys and 20-23 for “C” girls (35 minutes of running)
  • 20-23 miles for “D” Boys and 17-20 for “D” girls (30 min of running w/ walking breaks).


Training is based on experience. If you have run a full season of cross country and also done track you can do the “A” program. If you have run cross country and done another sport you can start on the “B” program. If you are just starting running but have been an active soccer/ lacrosse player start with the “C” plan. If you are a first time athlete start with the “D” plan. After two to three weeks you can move up to another plan. The goal is to stress your body so it grows stronger, but doing too much can cause injuries which we want to avoid at all cost. We have 20 weeks until the state meet. A and B groups will ramp up quickly to where they are use to training at (we will get there in six weeks). C & D gradually increase since cross country is a brand new stress. Mileage is approximate. Focus on minutes for the first few weeks. 

For this week since we are not meeting we are going to keep it simple. We will introduce running form drills, a complete warm-up, core, weights, mobility drills and workouts the following week starting on the 12th.

Beginners are to run and walk for 30 minutes each day. A good way of doing this is one minute of running followed by a minute of quick walking and repeat. If you are able to run 5 minutes without stopping do that. Run 5 minutes, take a 1-2 minute walk break and then run 4-5 more minutes followed by a walk break. Shoot for 30 minutes total.

Those of you who have run cross country but may not have done a spring sport should ease into things at first. So 30-40 minutes of running each day this week.

Those who ran cross country and track or another Spring sport can shoot for 40-45 minutes of running per day this week.

Next week training will be much more detailed when we can meet. Remember, July 12th will be at the track at 8am.
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