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Patriot Pioneers Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

1 year ago @ 9:18AM

Cross Country Banquet

The End of the Season Cross Country Banquet will be Monday 11/13 at 6:30 pm in Commons 2, the one closest to the track and where we usually have the pasta parties. This is for all families and athletes and we ask that you please bring a dessert to share. Athletes please dress nicely and we hope to see you all there.

Team News

1 year ago @ 5:37PM by Ian Connor

Indoor Track Training

Hope everyone has enjoyed a nice week off from training :)   

Coach Hawk will be heading up the indoor track interest meeting tomorrow @ 2:30pm in the auditorium.  There will be computers for you to sign up and select your event interest... the following time standards will need to be met during tryouts which will be held on November 13th-15th.

100m - 12.8
400m - 59.9
800m - 2:30
1600m - 5:30
3200m - 11:40
100m - 14.9
400m - 69.9
800m - 2:55
1600m - 6:30
3200m - 13:45

It's time to get back to some training ;)   You'll be on your own for the next couple weeks so find some running buddies to accomplish the following efforts with.

See Team Files Link "Indoor Tryout Training"  ... will have this posted up in the next 10min


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1 year ago @ 10:13PM

Post Season

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic season!! Most of you have run a season's best or personal best and should be very proud of yourselves! We would especially like to congratulate those that have made it to post season. The following were chosen based off the entire season, not just today's meet. An email will come out with the practice schedule later.  Only those running post season may come to those practices. For those of you who are interested in winter track, please rest next week and a track training schedule will be posted sometime later next week. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Cross Country banquet and as soon as we have that date we will post it. 

Justin Sriver
Michael Speeney
Ashton Drake
Ryan Hamacher
Liam Polhamus
Chris Skibinski
Jake Hamacher
Alt. 1 Joey Schwab
Alt. 2 Miles Polhamus
Alt. 3 Garrett Brannon
Lindsay Yentz
Cicely Dunaway
Gracie Schwab
Michelle Valcich
Grace Pippin
Sam Miller
Evelyn Hansen
Alt. 1 Hailey Yentz
Alt. 2 Madeleine Burneskis
Alt. 3 Lizzie Burrell

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1 year ago @ 9:52AM by Asia Connor

Cedar Run District Cross Country Championship

Hello Team & Parents,

Our District Meet is this Wednesday October 25th, 2017 at Bull Run Regional Park Special Events Center. (Same place we had our conference meets.)

Race times are as follows:

Boys 4:45 p.m.- Sriver, Speeney, Drake, R. Hamacher, L. Polhamus, Skibinski, J. Hamacher

Alternates: 1.) J. Schwab, 2.)M. Polhamus, 3.) G. Brannon--- 

Girls - 5:15 p.m.- L. Yentz, Ci, Dunaway, G. Schwab, Valcich, Pippin, Miller, Hansen

Alternates: 1.) H. Yentz, 2.) Burneskis, 3.) Burrell--

Awards at finish line - 6:00 p.m. 

Alternates please be dressed in full uniform and be ready to race just in case one of the top 7 stratches.

*Also parents plan to arrive early as well, to alleviate problems with cars coming in after the races have begun. When you arrive to please DO NOT park next to the road*

Team News

1 year ago @ 8:02PM by Ian Connor

Nice Shirt... Go Patriots!

Team News

1 year ago @ 5:20PM

Lost Keys

For anyone who was a practice today 10-13-17 please check your bags for car keys. They belong to Michael Speeney. Please email Coach Asia ASAP!

Team News

1 year ago @ 5:08PM

Lost Keys

For anyone who was a practice today 10-13-17 please check your bags for car keys. They belong to Michael Speeney. Please email Coach Asia ASAP!

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1 year ago @ 10:41AM by Asia Connor

Announcement for 10-12-17

Hello Team & Parents,

Just wanted to say how proud we are of everyone who raced yesterday! Many ended their season on a great note with either a Course Best PR, Season Best PR, Overall Best PR! We were so trilled and very very proud of you all! We also had 3 athletes who ran so well and graduated from developmental. They earned their spot to run in our last Saturday Invitational before Post Season. These athletes are Naomi Hanton, Gio Cassella, & Joshua Hwang! Congrats to all 3 of you! Your running 3rd Battle this weekend! 

Also, just want to remind everyone of our last Pasta Party this Friday! Coach Ian and I would love to see everyone there! ;)


Team News

1 year ago @ 10:46PM

Third Battle Invitational Runner Sheet

Patriot Cross Country

Third Battle Invitational @Third Battle of Winchester


When: 10/14/2017

The bus will depart from the track at 6:45am. There is a return bus that you must be on unless you have notified Mr. Qualls

Where: Third Battle of Winchester Battlefield

Directions: 66 West to 81 North. Take exit 315 for VA-7E toward Berryville. Turn left onto

VA-7 E. Use left 2 lanes to turn left onto Millbrook Dr., turn right, then turn left. Destination

will be on the left.

 Parking : Parking is at Millbrook High School, 251 First Woods Dr., Winchester, VA 22603

Parking is approximately 1000m (.62 miles) from the starting line. 

 Spectator Fee/Donation: We do not charge spectators, but kindly ask for a donation for the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation(SVBF). Suggested donation is $5 per car/family.


T-Shirts & Sweatshirts: Will be made on site by American Screen Printing. Pricing TBD. 

Concession: We will have a greater variety of concessions this year:

Morning concessions will offer coffee, hot chocolate and Bojangles sausage biscuits for breakfast.

Lunch and afternoon concessions will include Subway Veggie 6" subs, Pulled Pork BBQ, Chick-fil-A sandwiches, and assorted healthy and sweet snacks.



8:00-9:00 AM Registration for Open Race Located at Finish

Packet/Chip Pick-Up

(The Open Race will remain open until approximately 8:45AM on race day.  We welcome all home school, private schools, family, coaches, and local runners to participate in the Open Race. See below for registration details.)

Open Race:

$10 per individual in the Open Race and for accepted individuals in the varsity races, payable on the day of the race. Sign-up for the open race is located at the finish line in the middle field as well as through runsignup.comRunsignup for 3rd Battle Open Race.   

8:45 AM Coaches Meeting @ Finish Area

9:00 AM Open Race 

9:45 AM Girls' JV Underclassmen- O’Connell, Sullivan, Manning, C. O’Brien, Co. Dunaway

10:25 AM Boys' JV Underclassmen- Balcom, Freedman, Goldring, Bihi, Weisberg, Merrill, Salter, Shriner, Skelton, Cassella, Hwang

11:05 AM Girls' JV Upperclassmen- Valcich, Seay, Ci. Dunaway, Burneskis, Riemenschneider, Hanton

11:45 PM Boys' JV Upperclassmen- Drake, M. Polhamus, Brannon, Gulati, Massey, G. Brown, B. O’Brien, Morris, deGuzman, Howard, Sheltz, Hacherl, E. Brown, 

12:25 PM Girls' Varsity- L. Yentz, Pippin, Burrell, H. Yentz, Hansen, Miller, G. Schwab

1:05 PM Boys' Varsity- Sriver, Speeney, R. Hamacher, L. Polhamus, Skibinski, J. Hamacher, J. Schwab

2:00 Awards (Individual & Team) 



-Top 20 Varsity runners receive custom medals. 

-Top 3 teams receive engraved wooden plaques cut from trees in the battlefield. Take a piece of the battlefield home with you if your team is top three. First place girl and boy will also receive wooded plaques in addition to their medals. 


This will be our final meet of the season before post season starts!


Team News

1 year ago @ 12:52PM by Ian & Asia Connor

Post Season

 Hello Team & Parents,
 We know most of you have been pondering who and how many will be continuing on to post season? So to answer your questions see below.
Based on the following criteria this is how we are deciding.
1. We are only taking those who are injury free.
2. We are taking those who have attended practice regularly and completed the workouts in their entirety and wore their watch;)
3. We are taking those who have been CONSISTENTLY getting better each meet.
4. We are NOT just taking the top fastest.
5. We are taking those who have completed 2 conference meets. This was mandatory.
6. The last conference and Saturday invitational lay heavy on who will go.
7.We are NOT necessarily taking the same number per gender.
8.We will announce those individuals Saturday night or Sunday morning in the News Feed

Team News

1 year ago @ 8:16PM

Cedar Run District Meet #4 and Senior Recognition

Cedar Run District Meet #4 and Senior Recognition
When: 10/11/17
The bus will depart from the bus loop at 2:00. You will be dismissed from your class at 1:50
Where: Bull Run Regional Park- 7700 Bull Run Dr, Centreville, VA 20121 (Special Events Center)
From Bull Run Dr. once you cross over Rt. 66 turn left and go all the way back until you see the buses and parking. Sometimes there is a sign directing you, sometimes there is not.
This is our last district meet and everyone is racing/training unless you are injured. Coach Connor will let you know if you are training. 
Also, Friday will be the last practice unless you are moving onto post season. Coach Connor will talk with everyone that is advancing. 
**The Senior Recognition Ceremony will take place prior to the meet at Bull Run at 3:50.  Each senior athlete will be introduced and escorted by his/her parent/guardian.  Please be at the venue at 3:30 pm and meet at the starting line.  I know that Patriot High School and your son/daughter will appreciate the support. **  

Boys will run at 4:15 and Girls at 4:45

Everyone will need to wear their uniform
There are two buses, both to and from the meet. You are to be on it unless Mr. Qualls has been notified of any changes
Please let Coach Asia know if you have any questions or will not be at the meet. 

Team News

1 year ago @ 5:31PM by Ian Connor

10.9-10.15 Training

Monday:  Workout (Bristoe Station @ 9am)...

Tuesday:  3-5Mile Recovery Pace w/ Strides (Grace Life Community Church @ 3pm)... 

  • See Team Files Link "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Wednesday:  District Meet #4

Thursday:  OFF

Friday:  3Miles Recovery Pace w/ strides (Campus @ 3pm)...

  • See Team Files Link  "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Saturday:        3rd Battle Race

Sunday:   OPTIONAL! But highly encouraged!   7Mile Long Run (7:30am @ Henry Hill Visitor Center)

  • See Team Files Link "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Team News

1 year ago @ 7:35PM by Asia Connor

Glory Days Grill Invitational Notes from Meet Director

A few notes on the meet from the meet director.
1.  Please be aware of the parking attendants.  All buses are required to drive all the way around the back by the stage, even if they are only dropping off athletes.  Make sure that all your coaches who are riding the buses are aware of this.  There will be parking attendants to make sure they get all the way around and into the park.  The back lot holds approximately 30 buses, and any overflow is to the grass area right by the back parking lot.  Buses will be able to back up to to the fence of the adjoining property to help them as they leave.
2.  Remind all drivers that there is a $5 parking charge as you come into the park.  Things will go much smoother if people have their money ready as they enter the park.  This will drastically speed up the traffic flow into the park.
3.  Driving Lanes - as you come into the Special Events Center, the road will widen to 3 lanes.  the two lanes to the right are for incoming traffic.  The middle lane, the left incoming lane, will allow spectators to park in the grass field to the left as they come in, and all cars in the middle lane will be directed into that lot, until the lot is full.  The right lane is MANDATORY FOR ALL BUSES SO THAT THEY MAY GET TO THE BACK LOT BY THE STAGE.  All cars will be directed to the lot at the top of the hill.  This lot does not have any impact on the course and will allow the cars to park quickly and safely.
4.  As spectators prepare to leave from the upper lot, the gate onto Compton Road, which is at the top of the entrance road, will be opened.  Parking attendants will direct cars out the gate.  Compton Road comes right back to Bull Run Post Office Road outside of the park, and will seriously diminish exiting traffic problems.  MAKE SURE YOUR PARENTS/SPECTATORS ARE PAYING ATTENTION TO THE RACES IN PROGRESS.  AS YOU TURN RIGHT TO EXIT THE PARK, BE AWARE THAT THERE MAY BE ATHLETES ON THE COURSE. 
5.  Commemorative tshirts will be sold throughout the meet
6.  Glory Days Grill will have their Glory Days Wheel in action.  Please stop by!  Glory Days Grill Marketing Director will be there for you to win prizes from the fine food selection at Glory Days Grill.
7.  Potomac River Running will have a retail shop open, and will have a variety of clothing and shoes available for purchase.  You can find them in the red tent on the hill as you enter the ampitheater.
8.  We will have plenty of concessions available all day long.  please stop by for your favorite food or beverage!
9.  Remind athletes that the top 15 will be given their medals in the finish area.  All athletes will be held to the side and given their medals by Jeff Newman, one of the owners of Glory Days Grill.  These will be announced as soon as the top 15 times have been processed. 
10.  All team awards will be given at the conclusion of the meet.  The awards ceremony will begin by 4:15.
11.  The morning races are spread out by 40 minutes/race.  The afternoon varsity races are spread by 30 minutes, beginning at 2:00.

Team News

1 year ago @ 7:56PM by Ian Connor

This Moment is Yours... District #3 Pre Race

You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them! ~unknown~


Team News

1 year ago @ 5:36PM

Glory Days Grill Invitational Runner Info Sheet

Patriot Cross Country

@ Glory Days Grill Invitational


When: Saturday 10/7/2017

Bus departs from the track at 8 AM- there is a return bus that you must be on unless you have emailed Mr. Qualls

Where: Bull Run Regional Park-Special Events Center-This is where we run our District Meets

Admission: $5 per car

Parking: Only one way into park. PLEASE FOLLOW SIGNS AND ATTENDANTS

Tee Shirts and Concessions will be sold


8:30 AM -- Open Race -- you may enter on -- this gives anyone running the opportunity to run and then watch/coach their athletes afterward. This race is intended for coaches, parents, youngsters, or anyone who wants to run on the same course as the high school athletes!!!!!!

9:00 am--Course opens for reviews. Packet pick-up.

9:30 am--Coaches meeting/Final packet pick-up

10:30 am--Freshman BOYS Race (unlimited entries)

11:10 am--Freshman GIRLS Race (unlimited entries)

11:50 am -- JV BOYS (Division 1)


12:30 pm -- JV BOYS (Division 2)- Freedman, Goldring, Wilson, O’Brien, deGuzman, Howard, LovemanBihiHacherlEBrown, Merrill, Salter, Weisberg, Morris

1:10 pm -- JV GIRLS

2:00 pm -- Varsity B BOYS- JHamacher, Brannon, Massey, JSchwab, Gulati, GBrown, Balcom

2:30 pm -- Varsity B GIRLS- Seay, Bissell, Miller, CODunaway, Burneskis, Burrell

3:00 pm -- Seeded Varsity BOYS- Sriver, Speeney, RHamacher, Drake, LPolhamus, MPolhamus, Skibinski

3:30 pm -- Seeded Varsity GIRLS- LYentz, GSchwab, Pippin, Valcich, CiDunaway, Hansen, HYentz

?4:15 pm -- Awards Ceremony for all races on stage -- we will be pushing daylight, so please be there ASAP.

AWARDS: Medal to top 15 individuals in all races.

1st, 2nd, 3rd place wood carved plaques will be awarded in Freshman, Varsity B, and Seeded races.


Team News

1 year ago @ 7:02AM

Cedar Run District Meet #3 Information

Cedar Run District Meet #3
When: 10/4/17
The bus will depart from the bus loop at 2:00. 
Be aware that the bus is leaving at 2:00, not 2:20 tomorrow. If you can't make the bus at 2:00, you need to email Mr. Qualls TONIGHT to ask him about driving yourself. 
Where: Bull Run Regional Park- 7700 Bull Run Dr, Centreville, VA 20121 (Special Events Center)
From Bull Run Dr. once you cross over Rt. 66 turn left and go all the way back until you see the buses and parking. Sometimes there is a sign directing you, sometimes there is not.
Everyone is running including those on the developmental team unless you are injured or doing the workout at Bristoe Station. 
Sriver, Speeney, RHamacher, Drake, LPolhamus, MPolhamus, Skibinski, JHamacher, Brannon, Massey, LYentz, GSchwab, Pippin, Valcich, CoDunaway, Miller, CiDunaway, Burneskis, Hansen, HYentz will all be meeting at Bristoe Station at 3:00 for a workout.
Boys will run at 4:15 and Girls at 4:45
Everyone will need to wear their uniform
There are two buses, both to and from the meet. You are to be on it unless Mr. Qualls has been notified of any changes
Please let Coach Asia know if you have any questions.

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:49AM by Asia Connor

Announcements for 10-1-17

Hello Team & Parents,

  • Attendance for 9-18-17 thru 9-24-17 and 9-25-17 thru 10-1-17 are posted in team files.
  • Meet Results Sheet has been updated and is posted in team files.
  • The following student athletes still owe money for Patriot Cards. Please return money or unsold cards by 10-6-17 to Coach Asia.

G. Cassella ($40), C. Loveman ($100), S. Tracy ($100), M. Wilson ($20).


  • The following students need to go to and sign up for 2017 Patriot High School Cross Country Team

Girls- R. Bailey, C. O’Brien, G. Hubler

Boys- P. Avery, J. Hwang, L. Polhamus, S. Tracy, G. Vargas

It is free to register. We need participant information for each member of the team for our Team Roster.  The information needed are Name, Email, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Phone number, T-Shirt size, Emergency Contact, Parents Email, School Grade, 5k goal time. You can sign up as a new registrant at


Individual and Team Pictures for Cross- Country are on Thursday Oct. 5, 2017 at 2:45pm in the stadium bleachers.  All athletes need to be dressed in new team uniform. Coaches need to wear red polo shirts.  The picture form can be found at under forms. 


If you have any questions please let Coach Asia know @


Team News

1 year ago @ 7:35AM by Ian Connor

10/2-10/8 Training

Monday:  Workout (Bristoe Station @ 3pm)...

Tuesday:  3-5Mile Recovery Pace (Grace Life Community Church @ 3pm)... 

  • See Team Files Link "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Wednesday:  District Meet #3 OR Workout

Thursday:  OFF

Friday:  3Miles Recovery Pace w/ strides (Campus @ 3pm)...

  • See Team Files Link  "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Saturday:        Glory Days Race or OFF

Sunday:   OPTIONAL! But highly encouraged!   10-15Miles Long Run (7:30am @ Henry Hill Visitor Center)

  • See Team Files Link "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Team News

1 year ago @ 7:25PM

District Meet #2 Results

Here are the results from Wednesday's meet. It was a hot one and everyone did great! Congratulations to Sahil Gulati, Yassine Bihi, Isaac Wied, Thomas Wilcoski, Evelyn Hansen and Aleia Manning for running a PR and Sarah Caufield, Colleen O'Brien, Shea O'Connell and Sam Tracy for running a seasons best! Keep up the good work everyone!!


Place Name Time School
1 Justin Sriver 17:30.00 PAT
2 Ryan Hamacher 17:44.60 PAT
3 Jackson Umanzor 17:55.60 SJ
4 Mason LaCava 17:57.80 SJ
5 Michael Speeney 18:15.90 PAT
6 Liam Polhamus 18:16.60 PAT
7 Ashton Drake 18:21.70 PAT
8 Miles Polhamus 18:33.30 PAT
9 Garrett Brannon 18:49.50 PAT
10 Chris Skibinski 18:53.60 PAT
11 Joey Schwab 19:08.40 PAT
12 Sahil Gulati 19:08.70 PAT
13 Dustin Scroggie 19:17.90 SJ
14 Jacob Hamacher 19:18.40 PAT
15 Trey Massey 19:31.10 PAT
16 Oscar Castaneda 19:34.60 SJ
17 Brendan O'Brien 19:36.90 PAT
18 Bradley Freedman 19:53.90 PAT
19 Zach Nowak 19:54.20 OHS
20 Jefferson Coto Romero 19:58.90 SJ
21 Mohamed Yusuf 20:09.90 SJ
22 Gavin Brown 20:14.80 PAT
23 Yassine Bihi 20:17.20 PAT
24 Emmanuel Cardoso 20:18.00 SJ
25 Ben Goldgring 20:27.30 PAT
26 Hunter Garman 20:33.70 SJ
27 Matthew deGuzman 20:44.40 PAT
28 Alex Balcom 20:44.60 PAT
29 Matthew Brown 20:59.10 SJ
30 Shawn Arrigo 21:01.60 OHS
31 Trevor Lu Chee Lip 21:06.00 SJ
32 Michael Schumacher 21:14.50 OP
33 Joseph Hacherl 21:26.00 PAT
34 Ryan Morton 21:28.30 OP
35 Alex Weisberg 21:39.90 PAT
36 Stephen Joumas 21:40.00 BHS
37 Caleb Harmon 21:43.20 SJ
38 Wilbert Ramirez 21:46.20 OP
39 Daniel McIllece 21:46.50 OP
40 Joseph Guidry 21:53.60 OP
41 Josh Howard 21:57.30 PAT
42 Elliot Brown 22:06.30 PAT
43 Cole Loveman 22:08.90 PAT
44 Zach Salter 22:17.10 PAT
45 Dustin Shriner 22:35.20 PAT
46 Noel Zapata 22:41.40 SJ
47 Josh Newland 22:44.00 OHS
48 Jared Kunz 22:45.80 OP
49 Michael Blaes 22:46.10 OP
50 Matt Wilson 22:49.80 PAT
51 Theo Skelton 22:54.80 PAT
52 Tyler Kunz 22:59.30 OP
53 David Sandstrum 23:02.10 PAT
54 Stephen Jones 23:02.40 OP
55 Christian Bentancourt 23:03.40 BHS
56 Tuscan Barshow 23:05.20 BHS
57 Brent Sheltz 23:06.60 PAT
58 Gus Miller 23:07.60 BHS
59 Jonathan Kline 23:08.10 OP
60 Kenneth Petscavage 23:09.90 OP
61 Samuel Tran 23:10.50 OP
62 Natnael Anteneh 23:20.30 OP
63 Sam Tracy 23:24.70 PAT
64 Nate Goode 23:40.40 BHS
65 Joshua Hwang 23:57.50 PAT
66 Jacob Ginn 24:05.10 BHS
67 Shane Goodson 24:09.90 SJ
68 Meelod Waheed 24:12.20 OP
69 Jake Herrera 24:12.60 BHS
70 Riley Coomer 24:21.10 OP
71 Robert Jensen 24:33.80 BHS
72 Jonathan Taylor 24:43.30 OP
73 Zayvinn Lin 24:44.20 OP
74 Isaac Wied 25:02.40 PAT
75 Alexander Bain 25:07.10 BHS
76 Peter Piccone 25:18.10 OP
77 Luis Torres 25:18.50 OP
78 Nathaniel Piccone 25:22.40 OP
79 Malcolm House 25:22.80 OP
80 Ryan Thorpe 25:25.60 SJ
81 Brandon Cumberledge 25:40.90 PAT
82 Patrick Avery 25:46.90 PAT
83 Andrew Nielson 26:00.30 SJ
84 Thomas Ferrantino 26:08.30 OP
85 Kenny Quach 26:09.90 OP
86 Thomas Wilcoski 26:13.40 PAT
87 Aiden Smith 26:43.30 BHS
88 Zachary Kribbs 27:02.20 OP
89 Rahul Kasiraman 27:31.90 BHS
90 Zane Van Di Vere 28:11.40 OHS
91 Giovanni Cassella 28:13.90 PAT
92 Ryan Benassou 28:37.10 BHS
93 Gabe Vargas 28:37.80 PAT
94 AJ Merrill 28:44.00 PAT
95 Aidan Herring 29:18.10 PAT
96 John Novak 29:47.20 BHS
97 Vincent Andrews 34:47.00 SJ
98 Alex Yager 36:48.00 SJ


Place Name Time School
1 Lindsay Yentz 20:17.90 PHS
2 Michelle Valcich 22:18.50 PHS
3 Cicely Dunaway 22:33.70 PHS
4 Kelsey Luther 22:36.40 SJ
5 Gracie Schwab 22:47.70 PHS
6 Evelyn Hansen 22:50.30 PHS
7 Kaitlyn Agostini 22:56.80 SJ
8 Grace Pippin 23:12.50 PHS
9 Hailey Yentz 23:26.10 PHS
10 Samantha Miller 23:31.20 PHS
11 Madeleine Burneskis 24:17.60 PHS
12 Elizabeth Burrell 24:18.10 PHS
13 Dana Klatt 24:24.20 SJ
14 Corynne Dunaway 24:37.70 PHS
15 Escarlett Calvy 24:39.30 OP
16 Waverly Schnetzler 24:39.50 OP
17 Khadija Tyson 24:41.10 OP
18 Shea O'Connell 24:47.00 PHS
19 Taylor Seay 24:52.70 PHS
20 Hayden Bissell 25:00.80 PHS
21 Colleen O'Brien 25:02.50 PHS
22 Aleia Manning 25:12.90 PHS
23 Abigail Turner 25:51.00 SJ
24 Daniela Arguta-Alavarez 25:57.50 OP
25 Jessica Riemenschneider 26:05.70 PHS
26 Edithe Drummer 26:06.30 OP
27 Kate Sullivan 26:10.40 PHS
28 Elizabeth Reyes 26:17.50 OP
29 Isabel Nunez-Santos 26:58.50 OP
30 Hadleigh Averna 27:00.50 OP
31 Taylor Guidry 27:27.80 OP
32 Carleigh Calahan 27:34.60 OP
33 Alina Taylor 27:40.20 OP
34 Alexandria Christie 27:46.00 OP
35 Rachael Bailey 27:56.10 PHS
36 Madison Moseley 28:12.80 PHS
37 Emilia Gregory 28:13.40 OP
38 Reid Couch 28:15.30 OP
39 Hannah Park 28:23.80 PHS
40 Jessica Dade 28:29.80 OP
41 Casey Gibb 28:30.00 OP
42 Megan Ogawa 28:30.30 OP
43 Nikita Patel 28:48.60 PHS
44 Naomi Hanton 29:15.30 PHS
45 Taylor Payne 30.11.10 BHS
46 Jackie Gazes 30:40.90 SJ
47 Sarah Caufield 30:52.40 PHS
48 Jen Nielson 31:48.70 SJ
49 Aanya Rai 31:50.30 OP
50 Madeline Stone 32.38.70 BHS
51 Grace Simmons 32:41.50 SJ
52 Iman Mekonen 32:50.80 PHS
53 Danielle Krug 33:25.90 BHS
54 Arrisa Jensen 34:08.50 SJ
55 Sophia Caron 34:16.20 BHS
56 Lizbet Juarez 36:05.10 OP
57 Evelyn Castandeda 40:14.10 SJ
58 Makenzie Bourne 40:32.50 OP
59 Campbell Pagel 40:35.00 OP
60 Tessa Kersh 40:37.10 SJ
61 Chanel Douglas 43:40.80 OP

Team News

1 year ago @ 9:06PM

Half Marathon Set up info

Tomorrow is the set up for the half marathon. If you are signed up for the first shift show up at the front gate of Jiffy Lube at 10:30. For those coming for the second shift just look around for us. Those of you interested, some of us will be meeting for a recovery run at 9:30 at Conway Park, which is located at the intersection of Lee Highway and University Boulevard. After our run we will drive over to Jiffy Lube. Pizza has been ordered for the 33 people who have already signed up. If you have not signed up, but plan to be there you must supply your own lunch. Also please make sure to bring water. The address for Jiffy Lube is 7800 Cellar Door Drive, Bristow, VA 20136.

Team News

1 year ago @ 1:41PM

Individual and Team Picture Information

Individual and team photos will be next Thursday,  10/5 at 2:45pm in the stadium bleachers.  Please be sure you are there on time and in full uniform.  The picture form can be found at under forms.  

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:22AM

Cedar Run District Meet #2 Info

Cedar Run District Meet #2
When: 9/27/17
The bus will depart from the bus loop at 2:20. 
Where: Bull Run Regional Park- 7700 Bull Run Dr, Centreville, VA 20121 (Special Events Center)
From Bull Run Dr. once you cross over Rt. 66 turn left and go all the way back until you see the buses and parking. Sometimes there is a sign directing you, sometimes there is not.
Everyone is running including those on the developmental team unless you are injured.
Boys will run at 4:15 and Girls at 4:45
Everyone will need to wear the new uniform
There are two buses, both to and from the meet. You are to be on it unless Mr. Qualls has been notified of any changes
*Patriot is in charge of this meet and will need parent volunteers to help at the finish line please.*
Please let Coach Asia know if you have any questions. 

Team News

1 year ago @ 7:04PM by Ian Connor

What your 5K would have been this weekend...

Gentleman RVA 1.5 Miles 5K Equivalent
Michael Speeney 7:29 16:38
Ashton Drake 7:39 17:00
Justin Sriver 7:43 17:09
Ryan Hamacher 7:50 17:24
Miles Polhamus 7:58 17:42
Liam Polhamus 7:58 17:42
Garrett Brannon 7:59 17:44
Chris Skibinski 8:10 18:09
Jake Hamacher 8:11 18:11
Vaughn Morris 8:14 18:18
Brendan O'Brien 8:16 18:22
Trey Massey 8:21 18:33
Gavin Brown 8:26 18:44
Sahil Gulati 8:26 18:44
Bradley Freedman 8:30 18:53
Matthew deGuzman 8:32 18:58
Joey Schwab 8:35 19:04
Matt Wilson 8:36 19:07
Alex Balcom 8:39 19:13
Ben Goldring 8:40 19:15
Yassine Bihi 8:43 19:22
Josh Howard 8:47 19:31
AJ Merrill 8:51 19:40
Joseph Hacherl 9:11 20:24
Zach Salter 9:18 20:40
Ladies RVA 1.5 Miles 5K Equivalent
Lindsay Yentz 8:37 19:09
Gracie Schwab 9:31 21:09
Lizzie Burrell 9:40 21:29
Hailey Yentz 9:44 21:38
Grace Pippin 9:46 21:42
Evelyn Hansen 9:48 21:46
Cicely Dunaway 9:50 21:51
Sam Miller 9:53 21:58
Michelle Valcich 10:00 22:35
Taylor Seay 10:06 22:26
Corynne Dunaway 10:06 22:26
Madeleine Burneskis 10:10 22:35
Hayden Bissell 10:38 23:38

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:45AM by Ian Connor

Training 9/25-10/1

Monday:  OFF

Tuesday:  3Miles Recovery Pace w/ strides (Grace Life Community Church @ 3pm)...

  • See Team File "Find Your Happy Pace"

Wednesday:  Cedar Run District Meet # 2... RACE!!!!

Thursday:  OFF

Friday:  Workout (Bristoe Station @ 3pm)...

  • Groups TBD

Saturday:        OFF

Sunday:   OPTIONAL! But highly encouraged!   8Miles Long Run (7:30am @ Henry Hill Visitor Center)

  • See Team Files Link "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Team News

1 year ago @ 8:30AM by Ian Connor

Tomorrow Long Run - Sunday, September 24th

The start time has been shifted to 12noon @ Henry Hill Visitor Center for your 10-15Miles

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:22PM

Update on Uniform Order Link


Please sign up your student athlete and not yourself.

Each student athlete needs to have their own account. 

All the information is to be the student's, except an emergency contact and a parent email.  

Please update the user account to be the student's email, not the parent. We need this information for future reference for our roster.

I'm seeing parents sign up and not the student. Please do not do this.

Also this is they only way we are accepting payment. We are not accepting cash or check. After you register your student athlete you will be promted to payment information. If not you can go to "store" on the event page and pay for uniform here.

Everyone needs to buy a uniform as these are new uniforms. The brand is Asics, not Nike. And they are blue singlets and red shorts.

Coach Asia

Team News

1 year ago @ 8:21PM by Asia Connor

Uniform Order Link

Hello Athlets & Parents!

Finally! We have the uniforms! Hooray!

Here is the link to order uniforms.

Step 1: Register/Sign Up  your student athlete an account using link. We do not want Parent information!

Step 2: Your Event is- "2017 Patriot High School Cross Country Team." Should automatically appear after you sign up.

Step 3: You will be asked to give user information and questions for participant (the student athlete) and not the parent. Then be promted to select your uniform. Please only select "1 Quantity" per student athlete. We did not order many extras. You will be given the size you gave Coach Asia at practice. After everyone has recieved their uniform then will you have a chance to exchange a size if there is any left. Uniforms are $50 for both male and females. 

Step 4: Once Coach Asia has seen that you paid then she will give you your uniform. Uniforms will not be given out to anyone who has not paid.

Athletes competing at RVA Relays on 9/23/17 please pay for your uniform ASAP! We will be wearing new uniforms from here on out. Coach Asia will bring uniforms to practice on Friday for those who have paid.

If you have any questions please let Coach Asia know.


Team News

1 year ago @ 7:18PM by Asia Connor

Attendance 9-11-17 thru 9-17-17

See the  "Attendance for 9-11-17 thru 9-17-17" File under team links. Let me know if you have any questions.

Coach Asia

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:30PM

RVA Relays Runner Info Sheet

Patriot  Cross  Country

@ RVA Relays-Pole Green, Mechanicsville, VA


When: Saturday, September 23


Bus departs from the track at 1:30pm


Where:  Pole Green- Mechanicsville, VA- Pole Green Park address for GPS directions: 
8996 Pole Green Park Ln Mechanicsville, VA 23116


Directions: From I-95 North:
Follow I-95 South to I-295 South (Exit 84A) on the left toward Rocky Mount, NC. Follow I-295 South for 5.5 miles until you reach Exit 38A (continue with directions listed 
above “from I-295”)


Parking: There is NO fee for parking at Pole Green Park! There will be two nearby lots (one smaller gravel lot closest to the course which will fill up early and another nearby adjacent large grassy field for majority parking.


Keep dogs at home: Dogs have no place at THIS cross country meet. One year someone let loose their greyhound that ended up jumping into one of the races and could have taken out and injured some runners. Keep the hounds at home.


Concession: A concession stand run by the Lee-Davis program will be selling drinks (Gatorade, water, soda) and food (healthy food for runners and regular concession food for spectators) throughout the meet.


T-Shirts: Short and long sleeve T-shirts will be for sale during the meet. 
$20 - Long Sleeve
$15 - Short Sleeve


UNIFORMS: Everyone will need to wear the school issued uniform. Red shirt and blue shorts, borrow from someone if you don't have one.

3:50pm– Coaches Meeting


4:30pm– Men's Relay Race “B&C”

Men's “B” Relay Race- Skibinski, JHamacher, Massey, LPolhamus, Brannon

Mens “C” Relay Race- GBrown, Morris, Freedman, Gulati, Schwab


5:30pm- Women’s Relay Race “B&C”

Women’s “B” Relay Race- Seay, Burneskis, Miller, CODunaway, Bissell

Women’s “C” Relay Race- Not enough qualified athletes to form a team


6:40pm- Men’s Extras 2500M- Goldring, Balcom, Wilson, O’Brien, deGuzman, Howard, Hacherl, Bihi, Weisberg, Merrill, Salter, EBrown


6:50pm- Men’s Extras 2500M Section 2


Lights Come on!!


7:00pm- Women’s Extras 2500M- Burrell, HYentz, Hansen


7:10pm- Middle and Elementary 2500M Race


7:30pm- "Glow Run" where all the coaches, parents, fans, and anyone else can compete- you can sign up at the meet


7:50pm- Men's Championship Race- Speeney, Drake, MPolhamus, RHamacher, Sriver


8:50pm- Women's Championship Race- Schwab, Pippin, CiDunaway, Valcich, LYentz


Awards immediately after final event 


Awards: The first place team (for each gender), decided by overall placing in all three relays, will receive a team trophy. The winning "A" relay teams will receive custom MileStat backpacks. The fastest splits of the meet will also receive custom MileStat backpacks. Winners of the open races as well as the "B" & "C" relay races will receive medals.


Notes: This is a long meet and the bus is expected to be back around 1:00AM. If you are taking your child home from the meet you need to email Mr. Qualls by Wednesday. His email is Please be sure to have plenty of food, water and warm clothes for the evening.


We picked these students based on their consistency with workouts and racing, and they have hit the time standard for 5k.  Boys: 21:15 & Girls 24:30.

Team News

1 year ago @ 9:11PM by Coach Asia Connor

Meet Results

Hello Athletes & Parents.

Please see the "Meet Results Sheet" under Team Files. We will update this sheet after every meet.  

Also, starting now ,9/18/17, an athlete has to meet the 5k time standard to qualify to run in a Saturday meet.

Boys: 21:15 or faster

Girls: 24:30 or faster

If you have any questions let me know!

Coach Asia-


Team News

1 year ago @ 3:08PM by Ian Connor

9.18-9.24 Training

Monday:  1Mile Repeats (Bristoe Station @ 3pm...

  • See Team Files Link  "9.18.2017 Workout" under MORE Tab

Tuesday:  3-5Mile Recovery Pace (Grace Life Community Church @ 3pm)... 

  • See Team Files Link "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Wednesday:  Workout (Bristoe Station @ 3pm...

  • Team File TBA

Thursday:  OFF

Friday:  3Miles Recovery Pace w/ strides (Campus @ 3pm)...

  • See Team Files Link  "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Saturday:        RVA Relays or OFF

Sunday:   OPTIONAL! But highly encouraged!   10-15Miles Long Run (7:30am @ Henry Hill Visitor Center)

  • See Team Files Link "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Team News

1 year ago @ 6:34PM by Coach Asia Connor


Athletes and Parents,

This is a tough week for us regarding uniforms. We have 3 meets. On Wednesday the uniform rule is not strict.  If an athlete has an old uniform please share it with an athlete who does not have a uniform. Also if there is not enough current uniforms or old uniforms to go around an athlete can wear shorts and spirtwear t-shirt as a last resort, just make sure it says Patriot on it. Please bring to Tuesdays practice for the Wednesday meet.

This Saturday we have 2 meets at 2 different locations. Any athlete that is not running in either meet this Saturday please let another athlete who is running borrow your uniform. It would be GREATLY appreciated. They need a RED singlet top and blue shorts and everyone on the team needs to be matching.If any athlete who is not running Saturday please give to another athlete after the meet on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Your donation of your uniform means so much to the athlete running and us coaches.

In regards to the new uniforms they were ordered last week. We finally found a vendor who had small sizes available in both tops and bottoms. We will hopefully be recieving those soon but then they are off to be screen printed for our Patriot logo. It is a process and has been a nightmare! So I thank everyone who has been kind to donate uniforms and understanding and patient in the process.


Team News

1 year ago @ 1:32PM

Oatlands Runner Info Sheet

Patriot Cross Country

@ Oatlands Plantation


When: Saturday, September 16th

The bus will depart from the track at 6:45am.

Where: Oatlands Plantation-20850 Oatlands Plantation Lane, Leesburg, Va 20175

Directions: Route 15 North approximately 18 miles. Turn right into the Oatlands Plantation.

Parking: Follow signs and attendants. Admission charge will be $5.00 per car.

T-Shirts: Short sleeve tees will be available for purchase the day of the meet for $10. 

Uniforms: Everyone must wear the RED school issued singlet and blue shorts. Please work on finding someone’s to borrow.


8:00 a.m. Packet Pick-up at Officials Tent

8:30 a.m. Coaches Meeting

9:00a.m. JV Upperclassmen Boys (Blair, EBrown, deGuzman, Howard, Loveman, O’Brien, Sheltz)

9:30 a.m. JV Upperclassmen Girls (Bailey, Hanton, Newton, Seay)

10:00a.m. Varsity A Girls

10:30a.m. Varsity A Boys

11:00a.m. JV Underclassmen Girls (Cameron, Hansen, O’Brien, O’Connell, Sullivan)

11:30a.m. JV Underclassmen Boys (Weisberg, Merrill, Salter, Cumberledge, Barrett, Freedman, Shriner)

12:00p.m. Varsity B Girls

12:30p.m. Varsity B Boys (Schwab, GBrown, Balcom, Goldring, Gulati, Wilson, Morris)

Awards: There will be medals given to the top 25 individuals in each race. The top three teams in the varsity A race and the top two teams in the varsity B and junior varsity races will receive trophies.

Team News

1 year ago @ 12:25PM

Sunday Long Runs

Hello Athletes & Parents,

I wanted to let you all know Sunday Long Runs at Manassas Battlefield are optional but highly encouraged! We find it important to do a long run each week for various reasons. It builds endurance; increases blood flow; increases oxygen to your muscles; strengthens your muscles, tendons, and ligaments; etc. The more oxygen one can deliver to the working muscles the better one’s performance. These adaptations to one’s body help one in shorter races like a 5k (3.1 miles.) And the stronger your muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments become the more one is capable to perform better workouts like interval training.

I have attached a map and information pamphlet of the Manassas Battlefield trails under team files.  These can be printed and the athlete can bring these with them to carry on their Sunday long runs. Student athletes can also bring their phones and carry them during their runs just in case of emergencies. We also encourage athletes carrying water during their runs. Running longer than an hour in one sitting requires replenishment like water or gatorade. They can carry water in various containers like a hand-held water bottle, hydration belt, or hydration backpack.

We have also been informed by Manassas Battlefield Rangers to NOT leave water, backpacks, etc. in the front or to the sides of the Henry Hill Visitor’s Center. They would like us to use a tree-covered area with benches in the outer area/back of the parking lot. We also need to be respectful when using the trails because it is hallow ground and should remember men fought, died, and are buried on the Battlefield. We need to honor their request or we will be asked to not run here.

On Sunday there are a couple of coaches who do run with the team but are not there to take attendance officially. They may take attendance for their own reference. The coaches really just want to run with the team because they enjoy it. The coaches will also leave on their own time because again they are not there for official practice. They have to work or have other engagements and are not required to wait until the last student arrives.

Remember Sunday Long Runs are optional but we encourage the team to run with other teammates so they don’t have to run alone. In addition they have a soft terrain to run on instead of hard concrete. Parents can also run with their child.

We start at 7:30 am and have been running anywhere between 10-15 miles. If an athlete has not worked up to this distance then they need to find another teammate or can run with their parent who can run the farthest distance they have gone with them. For example: If the farthest you ran is 6 miles then you need to increase to 7 miles. Go 1 mile farther each week. Do not bump from 7 miles to 10 miles. It’s too big of a jump. Needs to be gradual.

If you have any questions please let the coaches know.

Head Coach Ian Connor-

Assistant Coach Asia Connor- (runs on Sundays with the team)

Assistant Coach Todd Bibb- (runs on Sundays with the team)


Team News

1 year ago @ 6:44PM

Updates on Practices

Hello Athletes and Parents,

Please see TEAM FILES under the MORE Tab to review the Attendance Sheet from 9/4/17 thru 9/10/17. On 9/5/17 we started keeping a strict attendance. If any athlete is in disagreement with the sheet please email Coach Asia @ and vouch for your absence.

Key when reviewing the attendance sheet.

X= Did not arrive late or leave early to practice. Wore a watch entire practice.

Ex= EXCUSED: Informed Coach Asia ahead of time of absence and reason met qualifying absences.

UnEx=UNEXCUSED: No notice of absence. Arrived late to practice. Left early for practice. Did not wear a watch entire practice. Absence did not meet qualifying absences.

We are keeping a strict attendance because we want to instill responsiblity, accountability, discipline and commitment to the team, coaches, and individual. After 3 unexcused absences the athlete is dimissed from the team. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please see that some athletes currently are close to dismissal.

We are also strictly enforcing all athletes to wear a watch with a Stopwatch feature and Lap feature the entire practice. If we see an athlete without a watch the entire practice they will be asked to stop running and dismissed to go home.We will also be checking athletes watches after practice to make sure they saved and recorded their data. (So athletes study up on how to use your watch.) Us coaches find it important to utilize this tool because it allows us and the individual athlete to track their progress. We want to see where an athlete needs improvement or help in their running. 

Workout days have also been running a little past 4:30pm so if you work after practice please inform your supervisor if you can be at work at 5:30pm. Parents please continue to pick up your child between 4:30-5pm on workout days. Easy Run days are usually done before 4:30pm. So parents please arrive between 4-4:30pm. Thank you!

If anyone has any questions please email Coach Ian Connor and "CC Coach Asia Connor." Also remember to email Coach Asia regarding any future absence NOT  Coach Ian Connor because he is no the one keeping track.


Hope everyone is at an understanding. Remember this update is coming from all Coaches  and we all agree and believe in these terms. Thank you!


Team News

1 year ago @ 5:37PM by Ian Connor


Monday:  Workout (Bristoe Station @ 3pm...

  • See Team Files Link  "9.11.2017 Workout" under MORE Tab

Tuesday:  3-5Mile Recovery Pace (Grace Life Community Church @ 3pm)... 

  • See Team Files Link "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Wednesday:  Cedar Run District Meet # 1...

  • Scroll through Team News feed for specifics

Thursday:  OFF

Friday:  3Miles Recovery Pace w/ strides (Campus @ 3pm)...

  • See Team Files Link  "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Saturday:        Oatlands or Cary XC Meet

Sunday:   OPTIONAL! But highly encouraged!   10-15Miles Long Run (7:30am @ Henry Hill Visitor Center)

  • See Team Files Link "Find Your Happy Pace" under MORE Tab

Team News

1 year ago @ 12:23PM

Cedar Run District Meet #1 Information

Cedar Run District Meet #1
When: 9/13/17
The bus will depart from the bus loop at 2:20. Most of the athletes change at the park. If you have a uniform wear it, if not spirit wear will work for this meet. If you have an extra uniform please share it with those that don't. 
Where: Bull Run Regional Park- 7700 Bull Run Dr, Centreville, VA 20121 (Special Events Center)
From Bull Run Dr. once you cross over 66 turn left and go all the way back until you see the buses and parking. Sometimes there is a sign directing you, sometimes there is not.
Everyone is running including those on the developmental team unless you are injured.
The order has changed this year. Boys will run 1st at 4:15 and Girls at 4:45
There are two buses for this meet, both to and from the meet. Email Mr. Qualls by Monday 9/11 if you are not riding the bus back to school.
Please let Coach Asia know if you have any questions.

Team News

1 year ago @ 9:27PM

NC Meet Roster

Below is the roster for the Adidas XC Challenge meet in Cary, NC on 9/16. More information will follow later via email.
The roster was decided on the following 3 Qualifications: 
  • Competed in the first 2 meets
  • Currently injury free
  • In the 10 top of the team standings based off this seasons meet times
Girls: Lindsay Yentz, Gracie Schwab, Cicely Dunaway, Michelle Valcich, Grace Pippin, Madeleine Burneskis, Corynne Dunaway, Hayden Bissell, Samantha Miller, Hailey Yentz
?Boys: Justin Sriver, Michael Speeney, Ryan Hamacher, Ashton Drake, Liam Polhamus, Miles Polhamus, Garrett Brannon, Chris Skibinski, Jake Hamacher, Trey Massey

Team News

1 year ago @ 6:08PM by Ian Connor

Training 9/4-9/11

Monday:          Happy Labor Day... OFF

Tuesday:          Workout (Bristoe Station @ 3pm)

Wednesday:     3-5Mile Recovery Pace (Grace Life Community Church @ 3pm)... 

  • See Team File "Find Your Happy Pace"

Thursday:         OFF

Friday:            Workout (Bristoe Station @ 3pm)

Saturday:        3-5Mile Recovery Pace on your own

  • See Team File "Find Your Happy Pace"

Sunday:           10-15Miles Long Run (7:30am @ Henry Hill Visitor Center)

  • See Team File "Find Your Happy Pace"

Team News

1 year ago @ 7:31PM by Ian Connor

Training 8/28-9/3

Monday:          Workout (Bristoe Station @ 3pm)...

  • See Team File "Hills & Flats"

Tuesday:          3-5Mile Recovery Pace (Grace Life Community Church @ 3pm)... 

  • See Team File "Find Your Happy Pace"

Wednesday:         Workout (Bristoe Station @ 3pm)

Thursday:         OFF

Friday:            3Miles Recovery Pace w/ strides (Campus @ 3pm)...

  • See Team File "Find Your Happy Pace"

        4:15-5pm Pasta Party (Commons 2)

Saturday:         Chancellor Invitation or OFF

Sunday:           10-15Miles Long Run (7:30am @ Henry Hill Visitor Center)

  • See Team File "Find Your Happy Pace"

Team News

1 year ago @ 4:10PM by Coach Asia Connor


Hello Team,


Spiritwear sales are due tonight August 27, 2017 at 11:59pm. It is manatory that each student athlete purchase the competitor cotten tee for $17.25 to wear all day before meets. Any additional purchase is voluntary. Here is the link to purchase spiritwear. 


Patriot card money ($100) needs to be turned into Coach Green no later than Friday September 1,2017 at the start of practice at 3pm. Each student athlete needs to sell 5. One card cost $20. If a student athlete needs cards/more cards please see Coach Green tomorrow Monday August 28,2017 at the start of practice at 3pm.

Blue Emergency Permission Forms needs to be turned into Coach Green ASAP so a student athlete can compete at practice and meets.


Team News

1 year ago @ 1:47PM

Chancellor Invitational Runner Info Sheet

Patriot Cross  Country

@ Chancellor HS Invitational, Loriella Park, Fredricksburg


When: Saturday, September 2nd


The bus will depart from the track at 6:00am.

You may only ride the bus if you are running. All others are welcome to come on you own.


Where: Loriella Park, Fredricksburg


Directions: Take I-95 South toward Fredericksburg. At exit 130B, take ramp right onto Route 3 West/Plank Road towards Culpeper. After 1.5 miles, make a left onto Salem Church Road (a Chic-fi-la should be on the corner). After a mile, Salem Road will change to Leavells Road (CVS on left far corner). Go through the intersection of Leavells and Harrison Road and make a right into Loriella Park on the right.


Parking Instructions for parents: Please plan on parking at Battlefield Middle School about 500 meters up from the park on Leavelis Road. Those are the directions from the meet director.


There will be a concession stand. Saucony will have their footwear table and they will have a free Photo-booth set up to take pictures and share them on social media at the Chancellor Invite! Check by the Saucony tents to take pictures with your teammates during the Invite. #Sauconyracing". Chancellor Invitational T-Shirts will be for sale from MSP Design Group. Mr. Harry Phillips, Eagle-I Photography, will be available to take individual and team photos. He will also be taking event photos that will be available on his website – contact the Concessions Stand for information or see the flyer in the Team Bin. Massages will be available for free to runners in uniform.


7:45am Coaches Meeting and Packet pick up


8:45am- Varsity A Boys race - Fast Race- Sriver, Speeney, RHamacher, Drake, Brannon,

MPolhamus, Skibinski


9:15am- Varsity Girls Race - LYentz, Schwab, Seay, CiDunaway, Valcich, Burrell, Pippin,

Burneskis, CoDunaway, Bissell


9:50am- Varsity B Boys race - JHamacher, LPolhamus, Massey, Schwab, GBrown, Balcom,

Goldring, Wilson, Morris, Gulati


10:25am- Boys Developmental Race - Blair, Howard, EBrown, Weisberg, Loveman, Merrill,

O’Brien, Wosahla


11:05am- Girls Developmental Race – Miller, Hansen, Hubler, HYentz


11:45am- Awards Ceremony

Team News

1 year ago @ 1:13PM by Ian Connor

Spiritwear & Fan Gear Online

Hello team, 

Here is the link for the cross country apparel!

Store closes Sunday August 27th @ 11:59pm

Mandatory item to purchase is the $17.25 Tee w/ quote on the back as that will be what you all wear days before meets

Team News

1 year ago @ 11:01AM by Coach Asia Connor

Update on Absences

*** If any parent or student athlete has informed Heah Coach Ian Connor or  Coach Asia Connor of a future absence prior to the absent update the student athlete will be given a free pass. Next week we will give student athletes who have jobs a free pass so they have time to adjust their working schedules with their supervisor. Starting Monday September 4, 2017 the attendance rule will be strictly enforced.

And all student athletes must wear a watch that has a stop watch feature to practice.  If they come with no watch they will not be practicing. We will take attendance and check for watches at the beginning of each practice.

Team News

1 year ago @ 9:57AM by Coach Asia Connor

Absences for practice/meets

Hello Team and Parents,

Please read thoroughly.

Unexcused Absences:

1. The student athlete is allowed up to 3 unexcused practice absences and 1 unexcused meet/invitational. More than the written amount will result in dismissal of the team.

2. A written notice at least 24-48 hours before practice/meet IS required for any absence.

3. The student athlete is required to stay entire time at practice (3-4:30pm) and meet/invitationals (time varies.) If the student athlete is unable to stay entire length of practice then it will count towards an UNEXCUSED absence.

4. Reasons for EXCUSED absence per our rules.

    1. Family emergency

    2. Test and/or school make up work (note from teacher is required)

    3. Academic activity (Ex: Marching band, Choir, Symphony, Orchestra, SAT, ACT)

    4. Medical Appt./Illness ( note required)

    5. Religious Holidays

5. Family vactions, family visits, and Work/Job are all counted as UNEXCUSED absences. (This is not written/updated in our rules/expectations, but recently discussed with our Athletic Director, Mr. Qualls, as they have been our most rising reaon for missed practices/meets. These reasons have been deem as unexcused.)

Note: The student athlete and parent must have a signed rules and expecations for the season and are expected to follow the guidelines written.

Please let Coach Asia Connor informed of any absence as she is the one keeping record. Do not send to Coach Ian Connor.


*** If any parent has informed Coach Ian Connor or Coach Asia Connor of any absence prior to this update the student athlete will be be given a free pass. The absent rule will start/ be enforced starting Monday September 4, 2017. This should give the student athletes who have jobs time to work with their surpervisors on adjusting work schedules.

If you have any questions please email Coach Asia Connor at


Team News

1 year ago @ 12:49PM by Ian Connor

Approval procedure to ride home with parent...

1. If you (the parent) would like to take your student athlete home after the meet/invitational please send an email to our athletic director, Mr. Qualls, at, no later than Tuesday (12pm) before Wednesday Meets and Friday (12pm) before Saturday meets. 
2. Upon receipt from Mr. Qualls he will notify Head Coach Ian Connor and discuss approval.
3. You will receive a follow-up email from Mr. Qualls informing you approval for your student athlete to ride home with you (the parent).
Note: No athlete is allowed to drive themselves to and from meets/invitationals. All student athletes must ride the bus to and from meets/invitationals unless approved by the Mr. Qualls and Head Coach Ian Connor.

Team News

1 year ago @ 6:25PM

Great Meadows Invitational Runner Info Sheet

 Patriot Cross Country

Great Meadow Invitational @ The Plains

When: Saturday, August 26th

The bus will depart from the track at 6:30AM

**Due to us only having one bus and the number of runners we are taking, along with the proximity of the meet for this Saturday, only parents will be allowed to bring athletes. If they are not taking the bus please have them there by 7:00AM**



Where: Great Meadows in the Plains

Directions– Take I66 to Exit 31 (Route 245 – 2 miles)

GATE 2 FOR ALL PARKING (Gate will be clearly marked)


Tentative Schedule

9:00am Varsity A Girls (LYentz, Schwab, Valcich, Burneskis, Bissell, Burrell, CiDunaway, Seay, Miller)

9:30am Varsity A Boys (Sriver, RHamacher, Speeney, Skibinski, GBrown, Drake, MPolhamus, Wilson, Brannon, JHamacher)

10:00am JV FR & SO Boys (Balcom, Barrett, Goldring, Merrill, LPolhamus, Salter, Schwab, Weisberg, Cumberledge, Freedman)


10:35am JV FR & SO Girls (Cameron, CoDunaway, Hansen, Sullivan, HYentz, Hubler, O'Brien, O'Connell)

11:10am JV JR & SR Boys (EBrown, Loveman, O’Brien, Sheltz, Gulati, Blair, Howard, Massey, Morris)

11:45am JV JR & SR Girls (Hanton, Peterson, Newton, Pippin)


Notes: Please make sure you bring plenty of water and food/snacks for before and after the race.

Team News

1 year ago @ 7:56PM by Ian Connor

Parent Meeting - 8/22 @ 7:30pm

Parents,  Please plan on attending our Parent Meeting on Tuesday, August 22nd in the Patriot High School auditorium @ 7:30pm w/ the Athletic Director and Cross Country coaching staff.
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