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Patriot Pioneers Athletics

Patriot High School


Patriot Pioneers Athletics

Patriot High School

Patriot Pioneers Athletics

Patriot High School

Team News.

Team News

5 months ago @ 12:23PM

Weekly Spirit Stick Award

Each week an individual or a stunt group will receive the Patriot Spirit Stick award for showing the most teamwork, spirit, determination and the support to everyone on the team. It could also be given to an individual or group for accomplishing a skill, stunt, or goal they have been working towards. Stay tuned to see who receives it each week!


This week the Patriot Spirit Stick was awarded to Leah Cobb!! For stepping up and hitting her Elite Stunt!! Way to keep improving and making progress Leah!

Team News

5 months ago @ 12:06PM

Stunt Camp and Choreography!

Head to our pictures page and check out some pics from camp and choreography from these past two weeks! The girls have been working hard and having fun while doing it!!

Team News

5 months ago @ 11:35AM

Congratulations to the 2018 Competition Cheerleading Squad!

Charlotte Allen--Sophomore

Sophie Aram--Freshman

Ally Brown--Junior

Gigi Chiodo--Junior

Leah Cobb--Freshman

Jayden Collado--Freshman

Kendall Ford--Freshman

Kendall Franklin--Junior

Gabby Goodwill--Junior

Lexi Grasty--Junior

Carly Hill--Junior

Kimmi Lopez--Junior

Jordan Qualls--Sophomore

Kyleigh Shipe--Freshman

CeCe Smerk--Freshman

Gianna Tilden--Junior

Paige Wellens--Freshman

Kyleigh Wrobel--Senior
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