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Patriot Pioneers Athletics

Patriot High School


Patriot Pioneers Athletics

Patriot High School

Patriot Pioneers Athletics

Patriot High School

Team News.

Team News

1 month ago @ 1:01PM


Due to unforeseen issues at PTHS the campus has been closed for the day, therefore practice has been cancelled.

Team News

1 month ago @ 6:13PM

Indoor/Outdoor Out-of-Season Practices Schedule Tues/Thurs. 4:00 - 5:30 pm @ PTHS Track Stadium

Team News

1 month ago @ 3:23PM

SWOL Introduction Letter to Athletes 2020

Please go to team files and read "SWOL Introduction Letter to Athletes 2020"

Team News

1 month ago @ 5:46PM


Hello Everyone,

The PTHS Indoor Track and Field coaches will be volunteering their time to facilitate out-of-season practices.  Athlete's participation is also voluntary.


  • Tuesday and Thursdays – 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm (Starting September 10, 2020)
  • Please ensure to be picked up no later than 5:30 pm
  • Note:  We may have to make some adjustments, therefore somethings may be subjected to change

REQUIREMENTS - You may turn in all your paperwork at PTHS main office next week, and presuming you are cleared in your daily prescreening, you can participate in out-of-season workouts:

  • VHSL PHYSICAL – Dated after May 1, 2020 (Please ensure that the doctor, parent, and student have signed physical accordingly) 
  • Complete online Concussion training - You need to provide a printed certificate
  • Emergency Card - Go to team files, print, and complete.  Make sure both parent and athlete sign ER card

You will need to bring the following items in order to be allowed to participate in out-of-season practices:

  • Have a mask - DAILY
  • Bring Water bottle(s) - DAILY

You need to open an account in SportsWareOnLine.Net in order to complete your prescreening prior to noon on the day of practice

Team News

1 month ago @ 12:01PM

SWOL Instructions -Don't forget to do your T&F DAILY PRE-SCREEN Tues/Thurs

FROM: PWCS Student activities

Please read the following points as requested by Ms. Shanks:

  1. Disseminate all of this information to the coaches and parents ASAP and keep it for future reference. ALL coaches are required to complete the COVID screening using SWOl. This is not optional. Their directions have been combined, so they know how to log in as a head coach to the portal and as an "athlete" per sae to complete the COVID Screen. It is two separate log ins. 
  2. The athlete directions explain how to register and address the issue of the parent email.  
  3. The parent directions are for those who already registered but did not add a parent email initially.  
  4. Each school's AT will accept the athletes into the database, based on the parameters each school has sent. Requests for access are being forwarded back to the AT. 
  5. Each AT MUST combine or delete the athletes with no ID, this should be done ASAP. It's the reason the athletes are having so many issues. NEVER click ADD on the request screen!!!!!!! 
  6. Do not save your login information, so it is automatically filled in for you to login. This somehow replaces the athletes ID with your email address when you edit the athlete.  

Please go to "Team Files" to view letters
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