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Patriot Pioneers Athletics

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Patriot Pioneers Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

1 week ago @ 8:55PM

June Summer Practice Schedule

See Team Files and/ or Schedule for June Summer Practice/Training Schedule.

Please reference "Find Your Happy Pace" Sheet for Easy, Recovery, and Long Run Goal Paces & "Fartlek Workouts" Sheet when you can't attend optional practices. These sheets are in Team Files.

Currently, the June schedule is the only one posted. There are 2 levels. Level 1 is your ideal "bare minimum" basic/beginner training. Level 2 is advanced, for those athletes wanting to step up their training.

Optional practices as a team will be @7pm at Bristoe Station (Mon. & Fri.)  and Patriot HS Track (Tues.) All other days are either OFF or On Your Own.

Practices are for anyone (upcoming 9th thru 12th grade) interested in trying out for cross-country this Fall.

To be able to attend practice you need your VHSL physical & blue emergency form turned into Coach Asia. Athletes who had a VHSL physical this past year (2018-2019) have until June 30th to get their new one. Upcoming freshman need a new VHSL physical and won't be able to attend our first practice June 11th if they don't have one. 

Coach Asia will turn paperwork into Mr. Qualls. Please turn into her only because she is keeping track of your paperwork and this will ensure nothing gets lost. 

You can get a blue emergency form from Coach Asia or Mr. Qualls, our athletic director. The VHSL physical form is in Team Files on Cross-Country page and also on Files & Links on the main page.

Coach Asia will tell you what other paperwork you need to be able to tryout in August when you turn in the above paperwork.

If you have any questions please email both Coach Connor ( and Coach Asia (

Team News

2 weeks ago @ 5:04PM

Paperwork needed for 2019 Cross-Country Season

2019 Patriot High School Cross-Country Team


All Athletes wishing to participate with the 2019 Patriot Cross-Country Team are expected to turn in the following paperwork before starting optional summer practices.


1. All athletes must have an updated VHSL physical (dated after May 1, 2019)-

2. Blue Emergency form: Fill out both sides and have signatures & date from both parent and athlete. *See Team Files for Image, but need to pick up actual form from Coach Asia.

3. All athletes must fill out student information on Eligibility form. * See Team Files for Image, but need to pick up actual form from Coach Asia.


Note from our athletic director:

*Please be reminded that all current physicals (2018-2019 school year) expire on June 30th.  The only physicals that are valid for next year are ones that are dated after May 1, 2019.  Students can not participate in out of season activities which include weightlifting, conditioning, and sport specific activities without a current physical.  So come July 1, only students who have a physical dated after May 1, 2019 will be allowed to participate in out of season activities.  You will also need a blue emergency card on file for each student that is participating in these activities.  Concussion training is not needed for out of season conditioning but will need to be completed prior to tryouts.*--- Brad Qualls-


You can turn in this paperwork to Coach Asia as early as June 11th thru June 30th. Our first summer practice actually starts June 11th at 7pm at the Patriot High School Track. 


Paperwork due before Tryouts

Tryouts: August 5th thru August 7th at 6pm at Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park.

Qualifying Time Standard: Boys: 15:00 2-mile (7:30 min pace)

                                              Girls: 17:00 2-mile (8:30 min pace)

See rest of schedule on cross-country page.


1. High school students who are entering 9th grade and trying out for a sport for their first time in high school or are new to Prince William County Public schools must attend a face-to-face concussion training with their parent/guardian at one of the county's high schools.

* Face-to- Face Concussion Training at Patriot High School

Patriot High School (703.594.3020) - 10504 Kettle Run Rd., Nokesville 20181 
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 6:30 p.m.- **Can go to this after practice. See schedule.**


2. Parents and students who have already attended a face-to-face training may take this year’s mandatory concussion training online. Please submit/print out certificate.


4. All athletes and parents must sign the team rules--*** An Updated Rules & Expectations will be posted to Patriot Pioneers XC Page Soon***


All paperwork must be turned in by Tuesday July 30th, 2019 to Coach Asia at Patriot High School Summer Track Practice. See calendar for schedule.

If any paperwork that is listed above is missing you will not be able to participate in tryouts.



Also we need your contact information and to receive the summer training emails from Coach Connor please sign-up using this link:



If you have any questions please email both:

Head Coach: Coach Ian Connor-

Assistant CoachCoach Asia Connor - Sign-up Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click LOGINin the top right-hand corner of the screen
  3. Click Register here to create fan account.
  4. Fill in new account information, then click create account. *Remember your username and password.
  5. You should now be on the screen that says Fan Dashboard, If it does not automatically direct you there, click MOREwhich is below the picture banner and then select Email Alerts
  6. Click My Favorites/Alerts
  7. Scroll down until you see Subscription Type
  8. Click and choose from, Email only, Text only, Email &Text. We recommend Email & Text
  9. Next Scroll down until you see Team Preferencesand select Cross Country CoEd Varsityand check Favorite and Alerts
  10.  Scroll to the bottom and hit Update

How to see the updates:

  1. If have signed up correctly, the notifications should come to you in an Email only, Text only or Email & Text, whatever your preference was
  2. If you choose to not get Emails or Text, select the Falltab under the picture banner on the homepage and select Cross Country, then select CoEd Varsity (19-20)
  3. Currently the updates are under the NEWS tab




Team News

3 weeks ago @ 4:10PM

XC Interest Meeting

What: 2019 Patriot HS Cross-Country Interest Meeting

When: Tuesday May 28th, @ 2:45pm

Where: Patriot HS Commons 2

If you haven't done so please sign-up via this link
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