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Patriot Pioneers Athletics

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Patriot Pioneers Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

1 week ago @ 1:10PM

Swim & Dive Team: Weekly Updates 12/2-12/7

First full week of practice/first dual meet – Go Pioneers!

Important dates and details are below:

Mon-Thurs - Normal practices at PWCSAC (Colgan) 5:30-6:30 pm

Thurs, 12/5 – Pasta Dinner (7:30-8:15) and Team Meeting (8:15-9:00) @ PHS Commons 1; Bigs/Littles identified, season information presented, Captains voted for during the team meeting. Attending this function counts towards one practice per week commitment for year round swimmers. Sign up to help or bring items to the Pasta Dinner, click here.

Fri, 12/6 (dress up) - first meet against Osbourn @ Freedom Center - be in the bleachers (changed and ready to swim) by 7:10 pm to check in and get events. Warm ups start @ 7:30; meet starts @ 8:00. The meet lasts approximately 2 hours. Theme: internet trends

Sat, 12/7 – first dive meet @ PWCSAC (Colgan) @ 10:30 am; meet lasts approximately 2 hours

Volunteers - sign up link is in "Team Links" section. Osbourn is a small team – we may need extra volunteers to support the meet.

Please use the Absence Notification form to identify absences from practice or meets in "Team Links" section and in PHS Swim & Dive Google Classroom/classwork section.

Swimmers - use the Events and Times form to let coaches know of your current (within 2019) times and preferred high school events to swim. Find the form in the "Team Links" section and/or PHS Swim & Dive Google Classroom/classwork section.

Year-rounders – finish your Club forms in Google classroom: Club Info and Preferred Practice Day

Team News

2 weeks ago @ 12:01PM

Swim & Dive Team: Uniforms and Spirit Wear

Thanks for the awesome attendance at our Parent Meetings last night, both dive and swim. If you were unable to attend, our Team Information Packet and High School Swimming Information are available in the Team Files section. We also started collecting our registration fee ($100 returning athlete/$150 new athlete), please make checks out to "Patriot Boosters" and give to Coach Bussian. 

Team suits - If you haven't had a chance to purchase your suit at Riptide (in Central Park Aquatics Center), please make sure to stop by and get one. If they have run out of your size you may purchase one at Speedo directly: or if Speedo is also out of your size you may purchase a plain, navy competition suit.

Team supplied spirit wear (t-shirt for all, warm-ups and shorts for new athletes) will be ordered soon. If you have changes to your indicated sizing on the Team Registration form or warm ups form we filled out at the selection, please let Coach Bussian know ASAP.

Spirit Wear store: optional gear for athletes and fans is available at Athlete's Mark online store: 

The store closes tomorrow to allow for time to complete our orders. 

Team News

2 weeks ago @ 4:19PM

Swim & Dive Team: 11/25 Weekly Info

We've got a short but busy week:

- Monday, 11/25:

--regular practice at PWCSAC (Colgan) 5:30-6:30 pm

--Dive Parent Meeting @ Colgan 5:45 pm 

--Mandatory Parent's Meeting for Winter Sports @ Patriot 6:30 pm in auditorium; follow on Swim Parent meeting in rooms 1403 A/B. We'll collect registration fees, checks and cash only, please.

- Tuesday, 11/26

--regular practice at PWCSAC (Colgan) 5:30-6:30 pm

No practice during Holiday break - enjoy the break, rest, relax, come back ready to start competing!

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 9:48PM

Swim & Dive Team: Jamboree and other info

Here is information for our scrimmage (practice meet) for this weekend, Sat 11/23:

Where: PWCS Aquatic Center (Colgan)

1:30 pm – arrive and check-in

2:00-3:00 warm ups - open format

3:00 Meet start

Events/format: 100 yds of all four strokes in the following order: FL, FR, BK, BR. Swimmers are limited to max of 2 events. There are no relays.

Let Coach Bussian know if you'd like to swim something different than previously arranged or if you won't be attending.

This is an OPTIONAL meet.

Parents – we will need some volunteers to time - please sign up using the website: 


Plus, training is being provided at the meet for the following (we need someone trained for our team):

CTS operator

Hy-Tek operator

Please let Coach Bussian know if you are interested.

For those who missed IMPACT testing today and for divers who need it: make up testing will be after Thanksgiving break. More details to come.

Interested in having an original Patriot Swimming Warm Up? Please use the form in the Team Links section (or click here) to indicate your interest in having our "vintage"/original issue warm ups. Sizes and quantities are limited, first come first served. Smaller sizes are gently worn; larger sizes may be new/unused. One jacket and/or pants per order. Submit additional forms for additional warm ups desired. Orders due by end of school day Friday, 11/22.

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 7:09AM

Swim & Dive Team: IMPACT testing

Here are the list of athletes who need IMPACT testing this year (testing today will commence around 2:50 and finish around 3:30 in the computer labs). Meet in 2026 by 2:30 to check in and wait until testing.


A. Ashurst

M. Barber

D. Beckham

K. Benton

E. Buckley

C. Cameron

Z. Coburn

A. Daniel

E. Davisson

S. Golembiewski

O. Jose

S. Kissi

R. Kunstel

D. MacKinnon

J. Mastropaolo

A. McComb

S. Milnes

H. Royer

T. Ryan

K. Wark

K. Watson

M. Wong

A. Younts

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 6:36PM

Swim & Dive Team - Swim Team Notification and Important Dates

As our tryouts wind down, the coaches would like to thank all swimmers for their fantastic effort and all parents/swimmers who helped time or officiate during our time trials. 

Notification for team selection:

Boys: Monday, 11/18 meet in Commons 2 after school – done by 3:00 pm

Girls: Tuesday, 11/19 meet in Commons 2 after school – done by 3:00 pm

Important dates for November (extra details in Team Selection Letter):

11/19 – Swim and Dive Officials’ Clinics @ 7:00 pm at Oakton HS Cafeteria (enter at door 13)

11/20 – Riptide Swim and Tri (CPAC) Patriot suit fitting/purchase (3:00-7:00 pm)

11/20 – IMPACT Baseline testing: all new high school athletes and swimmers who need to renew (every two years), after school – meet in room 2026 @ 2:20; done by 3:30 pm

11/23 – PWCS Jamboree – practice meet/scrimmage @ PWCSAC, show: 1:30 pm, meet: 3:00 pm

11/25 – Mandatory Winter Sports Parent Meeting @ 6:30 pm in PHS Auditorium; swim Parent meeting afterward

11/25 – Spirit wear orders due; Athlete’s Mark website:

Go Pioneers!!

Team News

1 month ago @ 3:35PM

Swim & Dive: Tryouts Information

REMINDER: ALL FORMS MUST BE IN AND VERIFIED BY MR.QUALLS BEFORE YOU CAN TRYOUT! Athletes may check their eligibility status in the “Eligible Athletes 2019-2020” document in Team Files.  

ALL ATHLETES are required to fill out the TEAM REGISTRATION form in Team Links before tryouts. (Only 50% have done so) 

Tryouts start Monday, 11/11, see full schedule below. Divers information in Team Files. 

Swimmers who are not year-round/club swimmers (or swim less than 4 practices per week) will have an alternating schedule for the four days of tryouts: 1st day practice, 2nd day time trials, 3rd day practice, 4th day time trials. Practices will be at PWCS Aquatic Center (Colgan) and time trials will be at the Freedom Center.  

Swimmers who are year-round/club swimmers (with 4 or more practices per week) are not expected at tryout practices and may complete their time trial events in one session – Monday 11/11 at the Freedom Center. Year-round swimmers may elect to split up their time trial events into two sessions if they choose to do so. 

For time trials, swimmers will swim three events for time: 100 FR, 100 IM and 100 CH (their choice of BK, BR, or FL). Times will be ranked in order (least to greatest) and swimmers will get points based on their position in the ranking (first place = 1 point, second place = 2 points, etc). The points for the three events will be combined for an overall score. Coaches will also be monitoring proper execution of each of the strokes, starts and turns. Approximately the top 30 swimmers will make the team. Swimmers with special considerations or schedule conflicts need to speak to Coach Bussian prior to tryouts. 

Parents: we need your help during time trials! We try to have a minimum of two parents per lane for timing/recording while the coaches provide back-up timing. Please consider offering your help during one or more sessions when your swimmer is assigned to complete time trials. Please click here to sign up. Thank you! 

The following is the schedule for the tryouts:

***Year-round/club swimmers who swim 4 or more practices per week:

Monday, 11/11 (time trials @ Freedom Center):

8:10 pm – be changed and waiting in bleachers; eligibility verified and caps assigned

8:30-8:40 – warm up

8:40-9:30 – time trial events (100 IM, 100 FR, 100 CH)


***Swimmers who swim less than 4 practices per week or are not year-round/club swimmers:

Tuesday, 11/12 (girls practice @ PWCS Aquatic Center):

5:10 pm – be changed and waiting in bleachers on deck; eligibility verified and caps assigned

5:30-6:30 – practice

 Wednesday, 11/13 (girls time trials @ Freedom Center):

8:20 pm – be changed and waiting in bleachers in pool area

8:30-8:40 – warm up

8:40-9:30 – time trial events (100 IM and 100 FR)

 Thursday, 11/14 (girls practice @ PWCS Aquatic Center):

5:20 pm – be changed and waiting in bleachers on deck

5:30-6:30 – practice

 Monday, 11/18 (girls time trials @ Freedom Center):

8:20 pm – be changed and waiting in bleachers in pool area

8:30-8:40 – warm up

8:40-9:30 – time trial events (100 CH), (50 FR – for relay purposes only)


Girls Team selection notification – Tuesday, 11/19 after school, location TBD

What to bring to tryouts: competition suit (no tie-backs), goggles, extra towel, water bottle, etc.

Good luck to all swimmers - GO PIONEERS!

Team News

1 month ago @ 12:36PM

Swim & Dive: Two Weeks to Tryouts

Hopefully you're working hard to get everything done and in by this Friday (see below):

DUE BY Friday, 1 NOV (drop off at Main Office for Coach Bussian or room 2026):

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Physical (completed after 1 May 2019) – multiple places for signatures
  • Blue Emergency Card – please remember to sign both sides
  • Concussion training: In-person concussion training is mandatory for all rising 9th graders, new students, and students who did not complete the high school course last year that want to participate in a sport for the 2019-2020 school year. Returning athletes must complete their online training and turn in their signed completion form
  • Sign up for email alerts on the Patriot Athletics website (this one)
  • Fill out registration form in the links section (ALL athletes)

Patriot is holding their in-person concussion training Wednesday, 30 Oct, for those who need to attend (@6:30 pm).

Athletes who have been cleared by the Activities Director are listed in the document “Eligible Athletes 2019-2020” in the files section (please check the tabs at the bottom for boys/girls pages).

Team News

2 months ago @ 2:16PM

Swim & Dive: Reminder - Interest Meeting Tuesday, 9/24/19

After school - in the auditorium (left lecture hall). Bring completed forms. See you then!

Team News

2 months ago @ 4:41PM

Swim & Dive Team: Interest Meeting

When: Tuesday, 9/24/19

Time: after school (2:15-2:50)

Where: Lecture Hall left (auditorium)

What: Bring your forms (physical, online concussion training)

Questions: see Coach Bussian, room 2026 or Coach Burch, room 2105
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