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Patriot Pioneers Athletics

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Patriot Pioneers Athletics

Patriot High School

Patriot Pioneers Athletics

Patriot High School

Team News.

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 8:39PM

PHS Girls Lacrosse Try-outs Day 2 and 3, Parent meeting

Day 2 of try-outs will be tomorrow, Friday 2/22 from 5-7. The turf is clear but wet. Please be sure to wear appropriate footwear. Sneakers or cross-trainers on wet turf puts the player at a MUCH higher risk of injury. Please be prepared.


Day 3 - Saturday 2/23 8-10. We need to get the team selections made so that we can move forward with our season. We will play from 8-9/9:15 and then begin meeting with individual players. If you have a concern or a problem with attendance, please speak to Coach O'Neill ASAP. 

The parent meeting originally scheduled for Monday has been postponed. New date TBD. 

Team News

1 month ago @ 12:54PM

PHS Girls Lacrosse Try-outs 2019

Tuesday 2/19 - Thursday 2/21

4:30: Player Check-in  

  • Players will meet in room 1404 

  • Players will check in with coaching staff to ensure they have turned in all necessary paperwork. 

  • Players will be assigned numbers to be used throughout the 3 day try-out. #’s should be attached to their practice jersey (both sides) and should be easily visible at all times. Scores for all assessments will be recorded using these numbers.  

  • Any player needing loaner equipment will sign out their equipment for the day. YOU MUST LET THE COACHES KNOW AHEAD OF TIME THAT YOU WILL NEED EQUIPMENT! 

  • Players should change quickly and return to the classroom WITH THEIR BELONGINGS after changing.  

  • Players may only be in the locker room during assigned times.  

  • Extra bags and gear should be left in the classroom during practice to ensure that it is secured as the players will not be given team lockers until the teams are chosen.  

4:50: locker-room will be locked and all players will be dismissed to walk to the stadium.  

  • Players should wear their jerseys on the outside of their clothing with number visible. 

  • Players should bring only necessary equipment to the field.  

  • Stick, Goggles, Mouthguard 

  • Water bottle – filled with a minimum of 32 oz of water 

  • Inhalers/medical braces etc. 

  • Phones and other valuables should be left in their cars or room 1404 during practice.  

  • In the case of emergency, parents can contact Coach O’Neill – 571-643-8902 


7:00: End of practice and dismissal 

  • Players will be dismissed to go home from the stadium.  

  • Players needing to re-enter the building may do so, but the locker-rooms will not be opened at this time.  

  • Any player waiting for a ride home should wait inside the building, in the hallway by the weight room.  

  • Players are not to roam the building/wait outside/by other doors.  

  • Coaches will be present until the last player has been picked up.  


Team News

10 months ago @ 10:28AM

Concussion Training

All incoming freshmen must complete the in-person concussion training prior to joining in training with the team. Please take care of completing this ASAP!

Patriot High School (703.594.3020) - 10504 Kettle Run Rd., Nokesville 20181

Tuesday May 29, 2018 6:30 PM

Monday July 16, 2018 6:30 PM

Tuesday October 23, 2018 6:30 PM

Wednesday February 6, 2019 6:30 PM
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