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Patriot Pioneers Athletics

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Patriot Pioneers Athletics

Patriot High School

Patriot Pioneers Athletics

Patriot High School

Team News.

Team News

6 days ago @ 9:58AM

Tryout Information

Tryouts begin at 2:30 on Tuesday, February 20th. The boys will meet in Coach Cureton's classroom (1710) to finalize preregistration for tryouts and then head to the field.

Eligibility forms need to be submitted in order for the PHS Athletic Director to verify the athletes concussion training, physical and academic requirements are met. If the requirements are not properly met by 2:30 on Tuesday, your tryout time will be spent getting those documents checked-you will not be granted additional tryout time.

For tryouts, please bring appropriate weather gear (warm clothes etc.), water, and proper soccer equipment (cleats, shin-guards, socks etc.). If you not have shin-guards you will NOT tryout, you will NOT be given additional tryout time, please plan accordingly. If there is inclement weather during tryouts our slot may be moved indoors, please pack appropriately. 

If you have any questions please contact Coach Cureton at

Thank you,

Team News

1 week ago @ 8:00AM

Need help with Concessions

Hey guys! 

I know you are getting excited for the upcoming season (Tryouts begin 2/20 after school-an announcement will follow), however our Boys Basketball team has advanced to Regionals and will need our help with concessions. Please use the link below to sign up and help out! Thank you all in advance!

Team News

4 weeks ago @ 11:33AM

Concession Help Needed Friday 1/26

The boys basketball team has a big home game Friday night against Battlefield. Our athletic department is in need of assistance with concessions. If you are willing to help please sign-up at the link below and list boys soccer!!! Thank you all for everything you do,


Team News

4 months ago @ 1:46PM

2017-18 Out of Season Conditioning Schedule

Boys Soccer out-of-season play will begin on November 29, 2017 and be every Wednesday (except 12/27) after school on T. Clay’s turf field from 2:30 pm to 4 pm. An interest meeting will be in Coach Cureton’s room (1710) on November 1st after school (2:15). The interest meeting will be brief, if you ride the bus stop by Coch Cureton or Coach Nemerow's room and you can get the necessary information without staying after school.

Please arrange to have your physical and concussion training completed by the start of play to be eligible. Dates and times are listed below. Please be sure to bring proper equipment (ball, guards and cleats) as well as any weather specific gear to be prepared to play.

Necessary forms and documents can be found in the main office and you may submit the documents in the main office or to Mr. Qualls.

The PHS Boys Soccer coaching staff is excited for the upcoming 2018 season and looking forward the out-of-season play. Dates below are from 2:30-4 pm on T. Clay Wood Turf.





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